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my prediction for Uncharted 4

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how could I say ‘no’ to him?

Easy. Remember that he’s the bright bulb who gleefully suggests that you take the Arishok on BY YOURSELF IN SINGLE COMBAT.

And then - say NO.

Every single time I play this game in front of my non-DA2-knowleadgable friends, they ask if Fenris is a girl.

It is slightly painful and makes me want to smush his cheeks and reassure him that he’s manly.

But apparently dem hips don’t lie


Indulged in some DLC goodness tonight.  Only slightly gutted that no companions got to dress up in silly clothes.  


Explaining Dragon Age 2 to friends

ME: And then Hawke was like "snark" and then Varric was like "double snark" and then Anders was all "I am cute BUT ANNOYING" and Fenris hasn't shown up yet and OMG GIANT SPIDERS AHHH also Merrill is too dang cute and Aveline and Hawke are bros and ARCHERY and NATURE and BLOOD MAGIC. Also SER POUNCE-A-LOT.
FRIEND: live in a different world don't you


Dragon Age 30 Day Challenge

1. Favorite Dragon Age game (ie: Origins, Awakening, Dragon Age 2)

I made a pact with Beki - I will do more drawing digitally, and she will do more on paper.  I never promised it would be anything good and/or worthwhile however :|  So we do DA meme.. but I will try and draw my answers. 

Countdown to fail?

So I just got this game

Already I am stuck

WHY SO COMPLICATED, BATTLE SYSTEM will eventually get the hang of it but for now, complaining