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Thinking of getting a tablet… help?

So I’ve been kind of wanting a tablet for a while, but I didn’t draw enough to justify me purchasing one. And then I started taking an art class, and I figure that if I get a tablet, the thought of how expensive it was will be enough incentive for me to use it. Plus I’m actually learning how to draw now, so that helps XD

But my problem is that I don’t know what a good tablet to get is (I’ve seen that a lot of people use Wacom?), and do I need a coloring/drawing software for my computer too? Or does that come with the tablet?

Ahahaha I really have no idea you guys, thank you in advance to anyone who answers :)

  1. laleiragoblin said: My Wacom tablet came with a perfectly useable edition of Photoshop Elements. With the tablet… there’s a bit of a learning curve. It’s frustrating to learn a tablet when you’re already quite good with pencils. I say go for it, though.
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